There is a time and a place for everything. Similarly, picking out your clothes to fit the occasion is highly important. It is common knowledge that one cannot simply walk into an office wearing shorts and a tee shirts. Therefore, you need to know your basics on how to dress up in a professional atmosphere. However, this too can be divided in to four main types of attire that gives you further opportunity to customize your attire. Following are perfect instances of such cases. 

Business formal attire can be simply defined as an upgrade from your day to day casual clothing. This is typically the type of clothes that you would wear for an awards ceremony or on a casual office day that gives a formal impression of you to others. Usually, a dress shirt can be worn along with a suit that is dark in colour while adding more colour by wearing a silk tie to make your attire seem complete and appealing to others. For women, it is typically a skirt and a blouse that complements the colour of the skirt or vice versa.

Casual simply does not require you to bother yourself by going to the good tailor Bangkok at Raja’s Fashions and getting a suit done. However, it does not mean that business casual attire n an office is the casual attire that you wear while you go shopping. Denim jeans and tee shirts do not qualify in this case. Therefore, you need to dress yourself up in some decent clothing that gives you a formally relaxed look, yet not too relaxed like your home clothing.

Business professional suits are a bit less complicated than business formal suits. While some simply pick their business professional suits from a department store, others prefer getting custom suits done as it will portray a positive impression of them in the presence of their manager or employer. While men can wear a blazer over their shirt women can wear skirts and blouses or pants and blouses. 

Small business casual 

Being in a small business office does not let you walk around in offensive or revealing clothing that may tarnish the reputation of the company. If you have casual small business attire, then you can let the employees dress in simple blouses and pants or jeans. However, even for such casual dress codes, a close watch is necessary as most people tend to bend rules. A clear definition of the dress code in your firm will help enhance the organizational culture and goodwill!